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IIS 500 internal server error when uploading file using ASP

I recently came across a problem when uploading a document through an ASP application to an IIS 7.5 web server. When I attempted to upload the document I received an http 500 internal server error. It turns out the issue was caused by an IIS setting restricting the size of the entity-body of the ASP request.

When I checked the Application log in the event viewer I was presented with the error:

Source: Active Server Pages
Event ID: 5
Level: Error

Error: File <url to upload.asp> <line number> Operation not Allowed.

The error indicated that there was an issue with the ASP configuration for the website hosting the application so I had a quick look at the ASP settings in the IIS Manager:


In the settings for ASP I noticed the following option:

Limits Properties --> Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit


The default value for this property is 200000 bytes which is just under 0.2 megabytes. The file I was trying to upload was just over 3 megabytes so I needed to increase this value. I changed it to 10485760 bytes which is 10 megabytes. Upon retrying to upload the document through the ASP application I was successful. No restart of IIS was necessary.

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  1. Steve
    April 21st, 2017 at 12:36 | #1

    Seven years later, still useful. Just resolved an issue on an application with this.

    Many thanks,