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Vista IE7 crashes when sending email through OWA

August 21st, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have installed Microsoft Exchange quite a few times as a syadmin and since the release of Vista one thing I seem to forget is to address the issue of Vista clients using Internet Explorer 7 that send email through Outlook Web Access.

There is a known problem with Vista clients that causes IE7 to crash when using OWA. I have found this is usually when users have gone through the effort of composing an email and hit the 'Send' button. IE7 then crashes with the standard issue 'Program not responding' response at any attempts to recover from it.

I have only ever noticed this problem on Exchange 2003 SP2 and cannot confirm if it happens pre SP2 but it does only seems to affect Vista clients running IE7 and not XP running IE7.

The cure to this problem is a Hotfix released from Microsoft. Although the Hotfix has been out for a while, unless you have tried it by chance there is likelihood that you wouldn't as the description is somewhat vague. The knowledge base article can be found here:


And you can download the Hotfix from here:

Download Hotfix for KB911829

Install the Hotfix on your Exchange OWA facing server. You will have to reboot your Exchange server and key services like 'Microsoft Exchange Information Store' are stopped during the installation. This will obviously cause all outlook clients to disconnect from the Exchange server. You may also then need to instruct Vista users to log into OWA and navigate through:

Options -> E-mail Security -> Install S/MIME

to reinstall S/MIME.

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